Patrick McGuire Sculptor/Artist

Artist Patrick McGuire combines a diverse framework of themes, art forms and subjects to create works that mystify, rise and inspire. Using wood, stone, steel and bronze sculptural elements, as well as paint and pencil media, Patrick enlivens a fluid spirit with extraordinary detail and beautifully polished forms.

Patrick combines his Irish heritage with experiences with the Native American cultures of Minnesota into a variety of unique sculptures and paintings. He deals with many elegant forms found in nature, including birds, turtles, lizards, trees and flowers, often together with human figures in a compelling transitional scene. Irish and Celtic history also comes to life with a series of cultural icons including Celtic crosses, shamrocks and other designs, separate or included within a larger assemblage. Patrick’s art meets on a graceful, transfixing line between real and surreal and captures the imagination with wild creative expression.

Browse the gallery of sculptures, paintings and drawings to see more of Patrick’s work. For more information on any piece, contact Patrick McGuire via phone or email.