Universal Elements


 Water, Wind, Sky, Rain


As an artist, it is important to respond to an idea as it come to light. While working on a series of sculpture, relating to Ireland’s History, I was cutting shapes for a large wall sculpture and began looking at the various pieces of wood that were left.


The play on shapes, suggested to me, water drops, flowing waves, clouds and sky. This was the beginning of improvisations that became a series about our environment.


Responses to what we see when we look at the sky or into water, the sea, a lake or a meandering stream. What the wind or a light breeze feels like. How fast moving clouds appear and change before and during a storm.


The assemblage of sculptural pieces are painted black in order for the visual experience to be a focus on the forms, their texture and the light and shadow interaction that falls on the sculpture as well as on the walls, ceiling and floor. The sculptures are a reflection of a moment in time.


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Water Is The Key

How water moves, not how it looks in focus. All waters on earth are connected. They flow in lakes, rivers, oceans, or ice or evaporate into the air and or falls as rain. This creates currents which flow into one another, and endless patter of unbroken movement.


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